Design Your Life with HABITs from Natalie & Becky

Do you want to feel great and look great?  Chances are you do and it is easier than you think.  All you may need are some Health And Beauty Improvement Tips (HABITs).  In this new joint blog series, we will provide you with HABITs to help you design your life to look and feel great!  

Who Are We?  

Natalie Tincher, owner and personal wardrobe stylist at Buttoned Up in New York City, desires to help others gain an added measure of confidence through cultivating a style that complements their unique personality, lifestyle, and physical attributes.

Becky Nagle, owner and health coach at getting2well in Bergen County, NJ, works with clients to make small changes to reduce stress and improve nutrition that fit their lifestyle to reach healthy weights and wellness goals.

How Did We Get Here?  

It all began when Becky was creating her new health coaching website, getting2well.  She needed to pick colors for her business logo and take photos for the website. Wanting to make the best choices, Becky recognized she needed professional help and hired Natalie, a personal stylist at buttonedupstyle.  

An initial consultation led to a styling package, a lot of conversations, and eventually collaboration.  During the styling sessions we talked a lot about clothes, style, weight, health, and stress and quickly realized how interconnected feeling good, health, weight, and fitness were with looking good, wardrobe, beauty, and style.  Perhaps the Health and Beauty Sections all around us (magazines, drugstores, etc.) are not a coincidence. 

While feeling good and looking good are not entirely dependent on each other, we know they can significantly impact, both positively and negatively, each other as well as affect mood, confidence, presence, and performance.  If you don’t feel good, it can be hard to look good, and if you don’t look good, it can be hard to feel good.  Fortunately, the reverse is true, and improvements in one area lead to improvements in the other.   

Feeling good and looking good make it easier to focus and handle the challenges, big or small, in your busy day.   Reducing your distractions and stress, helps you have a better chance of a great day and a great life.   

Why Are We Here?  

Natalie and Becky recognized the connections between our businesses and our philosophies and the potential synergy.  We believe working both angles, health and beauty, adds up to greater success for our clients and readers. 

Over the next year we will collaborate to provide weekly blog posts, workshops, and individual services to give you simple solutions to reduce stress and design your life using HABITs that lead to better health and beauty.

We hope you stay tuned, have fun, and participate in the discussions!

May you always feel great, look great, and have a great day!  
Natalie & Becky

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