Third Layer's a Charm

It's that time of year in which you just can't predict the weather! As a result, strategic layering is the key to staying stylish AND weather appropriate during this tricky transition weather. A third layer doesn't always have to be a standard blazer either. Here are some fun AND versatile pieces I recently found for a client to give you some inspiration:

Clockwise from Top Left: Tory Burch, Anni Kuan, Vince, Tory Burch

Clockwise from Top Left: Tory Burch, Anni KuanVinceTory Burch

Some things to keep in mind when shopping: 

  • Neckline: Make sure the neckline will mesh with a variety of tops you already own
  • Pattern/Color: If you choose a pattern, make sure it's one that can be mixed with other solids or patterns. For example, I was able to style the navy and white Tory Burch blazer with colored blouses as well as fun colored shoes my client already owned. 
  • Cut: Ensure that the cut of the your third piece can pair with skirts, dresses, and/or pants. The Anna Kuan blazer looks great with pants as pictured, but we also made a great date-night outfit from a leather skirt. 

The point is, have fun with layers but  make sure you choose wisely! They are a great way to add depth and style to your outfit! 

Happy shopping,