From Our Clients: 


"I've always loved fashion and shopping, but had definitely fallen into a rut of buying the same thing over and over, while having gaps in my wardrobe that left me feeling like I had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  After seeing the amazing results that my sister had working with Natalie, I made an appointment myself.  After going through my closet (including shoes, jewelry and accessories!) to whittle out items that didn't fit right or just weren't "me," Natalie created a list of missing pieces, worked with me to identify brands and styles that fit my budget, lifestyle and personality and then pre-shopped stores for me so that all I had to do was show up and try things on.  She then showed me how to incorporate everything into my existing wardrobe, and created tons of new outfits for me by combining things I already had in ways I never would have considered.  The end result is that I now have a closet full of clothes that I love, and no matter the occasion I always have something to wear!"

— Hannah, Attorney

"I had spent eight years in a conservative corporate environment where my daily wardrobe options were pretty simple: match a tie with a shirt and suit. When I moved over to a tech start-up that sneered at anything formal, I knew I needed a little help. What I thought I would get were some new clothes. What I got was a life hack. After working with Natalie for a few hours I had a wardrobe of clothes that I knew A) all fit well and B) matched each other and my style.It is worth noting I have fewer clothes now than before. But a lot more options and confidence in what I wear. That all said, what Natalie was really good at is not imprinting her own personal style or a new trend on me. She took a look at what I had and what I liked and made it all work better.  My style has not really changed, I just look a lot better and have an easier time picking things to wear since I know it will all work together. And, I have a list of brands, styles, and sizes that I know fit me. It makes shopping way easier. Finally, Natalie has an awesome follow-up service that allows me to text her with questions. This is especially helpful when I'm about to blow money on something I don't need. I was in Buenos Aires recently about to buy a jacket when I texted Natalie. She reminded me of something I owned that would have made the purchase totally redundant. Instead I went out for steak and wine for half of what I would have spent. Impressive that your stylist can also improve your dining options while on vacation."

— Michael, Director of Business Development

"I would definitely recommend Natalie's advice. There are a few ways you can use this service, depending on your existing fashion knowledge. As someone with no natural fashion sense, I personally wanted to learn the rules of men's style. Natalie immediately understood my needs and met them with flying colors. She helped me discover which clothing colors, fits, and design features work best for my body. I learned so much! I have a new sense of confidence in the fashion world and I'm excited to use it.

Natalie really valued my time. In the long-run, I'll save money because I'll make less shopping mistakes. Finally, it was a really fun experience. 5 stars, for sure."

— Nathaniel, MBA Student