Sort, Shop, & Style

New York City Wardrobe Stylist
New York City Wardrobe Stylist

Sort, Shop, & Style


Feel like you are always buying the same things? Do you want to buy fewer clothes while having more outfit options? Wonder which brands and trends will work best for your body type and style personality? Want to get noticed at work and dress for the job you want? The Sort, Shop, & Style will help you get out of whatever wardrobe rut you are in by bringing in an expert to give you the style upgrade you need and deserve. 

Sort, Shop, & Style: $1,450*


During this productive and relaxing in-home meeting, Natalie will carefully sort through your in-season wardrobe piece by piece to determine which items to keep, toss, or tailor. She will evaluate factors such as fit and color as all well your personality, lifestyle, and style goals to ensure everything in your closet flatters you, projects the right  message, and makes you feel great. Along the way, she will make a shopping list of specific items you need to fill in the gaps in your current wardrobe. (2 hours)


Shopping can be overwhelming—especially in New York City, where there are seemingly infinite options. Be prepared for an efficient, fun, and productive shopping experience with Natalie. She will pre-shop stores based on the needs determined in your closet edit, your budget, and your unique style identity & goals determined in the initial sort. All you have to do is walk right into a fitting room full of clothes expertly selected just for you. Along the way, Natalie will aid you in only buying pieces that will work coherently with your existing wardrobe, so you can make smart purchases and say good-bye to buyer's remorse. (2.5–3 hours)

*An extra shop can be added at an additional cost if needed (see below). 


This is where it all comes together. Natalie will integrate your new finds with your old favorites to create and photograph head-to-toe looks for various occasions in your life. She will use her expertise and training to teach you how to use your clothing and accessories to create flattering outfits that make you feel confident and ready to tackle each day. All of these looks will be compiled into your personal digital lookbook for you reference. (1.5–2 hours)

Shop Session

If you need an extra shopping trip, this includes an additional pre-shop and time together trying on the goods!

Shopping Session: $525